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Crying Baby Abandoned In Hospital, Things Get Worse When Nurse Lifted Blanket

Gabe, born in Brazil, was only a few days old when his mother abandoned him because he was born with a deformity. This happened in Brazil when Gave was only 2 days old.

She was disappointed to find out her baby was born different and abandoned him. But unfortunately, this meant that it would be difficult for Gabe to find ad adoptive family. 

Regarding his physical condition, it is called Hanhart Syndrome and in Gabe’s case, he was born with no legs or arms. This is a very rare disease for which the doctors still do not know the causes. 

One day, in a supermarket in the US, Janelle Adams saw his picture and decided to help him by offering him a home. She and her husband had 13 other children already. It means it was not easy deciding to add Gabe to the family. 

Janelle decided to adopt him. When he arrived and they first saw him at the airport, they fell in love immediately. He was very welcome to his new family. 

Janelle and Ron encouraged Gabe to be as independent as possible. He started using a wheelchair when he was very young but today soon, he learned to eat, walk, swim by himself and he can also dress. 

At school, he has had a hard time because he has been a victim of bullying several times, but they haven’t brought him down. Gabe has only grown stronger. 

He joined the dance team in high school and discovered his passion for breakdance. He was so good at it that has participated in several competitions. 

Today Gabe has started a new career as a motivational speaker. He is thankful for all the amazing people he has met, but most importantly for his parents, Janelle and Ron who have always believed in him. 

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