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Couple Adopted 7 Children After They Lost Their Parents In A Tragic Way, Look At Them Now

Pam Willis was scrolling through Facebook and she came across the story of 7 siblings who were looking for a home after their parents died in a car crash. 

They lived in foster care for more than a year and Pam just couldn’t stop thinking about them. She tagged her husband in the article and I thought my husband was going to say you are a wacko, we are ready to retire. 

She called the number on the article and months later she took the 7 siblings. They previously had 5 children. 

They had gone through trauma with parents who fought addiction before dying from a car crash and were homeless. 

The older children didn’t trust we were real people. They thought we were going to go away someday. One night the 7 YO came to my room and I thought she had a bad dream, but she said that I just wanted to make sure you were still here. 

We made the adoption official and our new life is incredible.