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Cookie Monster Rock Found By Gemologist, And Cookie Monster Has Something To Say About That

You never know what you are going to find when you dig. It can be rare rocks, gems, unusual or useless things. 

But you may even find a stone that looks just like the famous Sesame Street character. This unusual find was published by a gemologist who released the videos and pictures of this agate stone. 

It is a simple round stone on the outside, but when it split, it reveals the inside of the stone, and it looks like the famous cookie lover. 

This famous and iconic character is Cookie Monster, from the show Sesame Street. He is known for his round distinctive eyes, love of crispy cookies, and wide mouth. 

This resemblance is remarkable and everyone accepts that. It looks just like the smiling face of Cookie Monster. 

The gemologist who found the rock is Lucas Fassari. He sold the gemstone and now it is owned by Mike Bowers. He is a gemstone dealer in California who got the stone and added a pair of hands opening the rock to the tune of Cookie Monster song. 

He says that he has received offers for more than $10,000 for the rock. This news was great for rock enthusiasts and Cookie Monster fans all over the world. The picture of the rock received over 500 thousand likes on Twitter. 

Cookie Monster also commented on that saying “Me no geologist, but me tink dat rock look a lot like me.”

Yes, it does, and we all can agree to that. What do you think about that? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.