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Common Mistakes People Do When They Leave Shih Tzu Alone At Home

Just like humans, Shih Tzus also experience boredom. Carolina Rocha, a veterinary doctor specializing in animal behavior, warns that leaving the same toy with the Shih Tzu until the product spoils is one of the most common mistakes made by owners.

“Novelty is a very important factor, so it’s interesting to do a rotation of toys every month”, she points out. The expert also lists the most common mistakes when leaving the Shih Tzu alone at home:

1- Silent house

When going out, leave the radio or television turned on to a channel you are regularly tuned to.

2- Darkness

Keep lighting points at home, either with natural light or the lamps on.

3- Poorly ventilated environment

If he stays in a room in the house all day, leave windows ajar to circulate the air.

4- Not enjoying moments

If you work close to home, keep your Shih Tzu company for at least 10 minutes at lunchtime.

5- Entire house available

To keep your Shih Tzu indoors, it is best to close the bedroom and kitchen doors to restrict access.