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College Student Is Kidnapped By Men In Parking Lot, Then Remembers Life-Saving Tip Mom Taught Her

When we were kids our moms always taught us not to talk to strangers. But in this crazy world we are living kids, students get kidnapped.

A 20 year old student shares her story of how she was able to escape from kidnappers thanks to a tip her mom taught her.

Her name is Jordan and this happened when she was leaving word at 1 a.m and going to her apartment. On her way home she pointed three men on the street pointing a gun at her. Can we say she got scared, because we did.

They tried to steal her car but because it was a stick shift, two of them forced her to drive to the gas station and the other one ran away.

Two men who later were identified as teenagers forced her to take money from the ATM machine and said to her that they were going to violate her if she didn’t do what they wanted. At that moment she remembered a story her mom told her.

She said that her mom was a victim of assault back in the days she was a college student. Her mom said to her that she fought them and she remembered to be strong like her mom and get herself out of this situation.

Her mother has always taught her to be brave and strong if she were in the same situation as her. Jordans mother has told her not to let things or people run over her in every situation. She has to be her own help in this world because no one will be a help for her.

After, Jordan took the money from the machine and got back in the car and didn’t put on the seat belt so she could jump from the window. Jordan took courage and opened the door and the next she saw herself watching the pavement.

After jumping out of the car she tried to stop the cars and to get away from the scene. After this the two teenagers got arrested and they had done a lot of “jobs” so they were known to the police.