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Christine McGuinness On Her Youngest Daughter’s Diagnosis With Autism

An excellent model and a wonderful woman. She is Christine McGuinness. The model is known all over the world for her beauty and the power of her word. She is a woman who sets an example for free speech and her thoughts.

She is also a wonderful mom. Christine spends a lot of time with her three children. She invests in the education of children and takes care of having a healthy family. She recently stated that her little child Felicity has been diagnosed with autism. But years ago her twins Leo and Penelope received the same diagnosis.

Christine has been invited to talk about her life with her daughter. She says she feels relieved by the support people give her. She is proud and feels very happy with her children. For the first time, she shows in public that her life has changed completely. Does caring for a child with autism seem difficult for a model and a woman with a long career? Here is how she expresses herself. For more click the video below.