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Christie Brinkley Celebrated Her 68th Birthday By Showing Off Her Legs

Christie Brinkley is an American actress and model. She celebrated her 68th birthday on February 2nd.

Christie shared a picture of herself in gym clothes for her birthday, taking the opportunity to also promote the machine she was using, from Total Gym, which had its 25th anniversary that day.

In the picture that Christie shared with her followers, she made a few jokes regarding her age, but it was visible to all that her body was actually in a great form, having very toned legs and glutes.

Christine was wearing a gym outfit, a matching blue set. She emphasized that the brand Total Gym was the world’s favorite brand when it comes to at-home workouts.

The machine she was using when she took the picture is a wonder-maker for Christie. She uses it every day for only 15 minutes.

She also accompanies this workout with walks and stretches. Another important thing Christie does to keep her figure is eating a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables every day.

Another celebrity who uses the same machine as Christie is also Chuck Norris. He, among other celebrities, can be seen on the website of Total Gym, using the machine. 

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