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Chris Rock Makes Will Smith Joke After Dave Chappelle Is Attacked on Stage During Comedy Show

Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage while performing at the Netflix Is a Joke: The Festival at the Hollywood Bowl. The man who attacked him was carrying a replica gun.

The Los Angeles Police said that the weapon can eject a knife blade when discharged correctly, but it has not been confirmed if the attacker had attempted to use it. 

Several videos of the attack are now viral and you can see Chappelle fall to the ground while backstage staff rushes to help him.

No one was injured in the attack. He attacked Chappelle while the show was ending. His identity has been reported as Isaiah Lee, 23 years old.

He is now being held in lieu of $30,000 bail. Chappelle also joked that the attacker was likely a trans man. 

Chris Rock also appeared on stage to make his own joke and say “Was that Will Smith?” 

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