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Children Can ‘Recover’ From Autism. Problems often remain. What do You think?

Professor of Pediatrics and Interim Director, Rose F. Kennedy Child Assessment and Rehabilitation Center at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Montefiore Health System

Recent years have shown that some children experience autism, which is often recognized as a condition that accompanies the child for the rest of his life. According to recent studies at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Montefiore Health System, it has been observed that most families with children with this syndrome are unable to afford support with therapy or special education for these children.

“It seems very promising to report cases where children with this syndrome are being treated and over the years have not had this condition. Thanks to regular diagnoses and treatments, a small group of children with early diagnosis of ASD can be cured and adapt to a new lifestyle over time, “said Lisa Shulman, professor of pediatrics in Einstein. “The truth is that in most cases, these children fight hard to achieve this. “They have to deal with speech difficulties and emotional problems and fluctuations.”

“We managed to find out through research which children have problems such as: speech delay, comprehension, etc. We also have results with accurate percentages of which persons can be treated and which persons can not be “Our findings make us curious, what happened to people who no longer have ASD?” said Dr Shulman.

This study is the largest one that conveys accurate and hopeful data. The message that this study wants to convey to society is: “Ships are not all the same. Some find it easier to fight and adapt. “While some others want a little more time to do this,” said Dr. Shulman.


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