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Child Star Shaun Weiss’s Stunning Before And After Photos

In 1992 the film “The Mighty Ducks” premiered and became a huge success right away. The film, by Disney, was about sports and it had a big influence as it made possible the creation of the National Hockey League. And it was named Anaheim Ducks.

Shaun Weiss is one of the child actors who debuted at the movie and became famous overnight. He was a very important protagonist in the movie, which was about a hockey team for the youth.
His life changed drastically after his deputation at the movie. Unfortunately, not all the changes were for the better.

His role in the movie was that of Greg Goldberg and everyone recognized him for that role. But when everyone saw his picture in 2020 in a mugshot shared by the police, everyone was shocked.

The actor Shaun was born in 1978 in Michigan has had some problems with the law over the years. In 20217 he was sent to jail for 150 days but got out after only 12 days. The reason was prison overcrowding.

After that, he was arrested again for illegal possession. In 2020 instead, he was arrested again but this time for breaking the window of a car and was found sitting inside it after.

Shaun was almost unrecognizable at the mugshot photo. He was sent to a rehab clinic in 2020 and had to go through a program of 90 days in order to get sober.

In 2022 Shaun celebrated one year of being sober. He is a great example that it is possible to reach your goals if you find the force inside of you.

He is now better and is happy to share these beautiful moments with his family, friends, and fans.
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