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Cellmates ‘Poison’ Stepmother Who Tortured 6 YO To Death With Salt

Emma Tustin was poisoned by her cellmates while being in prison for killing her 6-year-old stepson. The other inmates that poisoned Emma, used the same method that Emma used to kill the little boy.

The cellmate that poisoned Emma, says that she couldn’t stand being around Emma Tustin after finding out the reason why she was sent to prison. 

Tustin was sentenced to 29 years in jail and was having a very time since everyone that found out the reason why she was there, started making it impossible for her to continue being there. 

Thoman Hughes is Tustin’s husband and he was also sent to prison and has to be there for 21 years. 

Emma was sent to the hospital after being poisoned. The doctors revealed that she had very high salt levels in her body. The other cellmates had been putting enormous amounts of salt in her food. 

This is the same way that Emma used to torture and then kill the little boy. She made him take 6 tablespoons full of salt. 

Because of these high salt levels in his body, Arthur, the little boy that Emma Tustin killed, has become very weak physically and was not able to fight for his life when Emma assaulted him. She used to beat him, left him with no food, or give poisoned food to the 6-year-old stepson. 

After what happened, Tustin was put on another cell in order to protect her from the angry cellmates. After Tustin killed the little boy, she tried to kill herself also but it was not successful.

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