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Carrot Top Made A Fortune From His Shows, You Won’t Believe How Much He Is Worth

Scott Thompson or otherwise known as Carrot Top is a famous comedian who was born in Florida. Many people like him, but also many people criticize him for the texts he writes and his humor. 

However, he has thousands of fans all over the world and participates in several different shows a year. Not everyone likes what he does. 

Some think he is not at all professional and prepared. In addition, he is accused of plastic surgery. For a long time, he lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 57-year-old, otherwise known as Carrot Top, began his career as a child. It all started as a dream.

In fact, there was no one in his family who worked in television. That was his wish. He wanted to be a comedian since he was a child. While his dad worked at NASA building spaceships, and his brother became a pilot, he thought of becoming a comedian. 

This sounded strange, but he loved the job. He shows that he has risked a lot to follow his dream. There was no school in him to become a humorist, so he had to find a way to achieve his goal. 

It all started when he heard the announcement that a humorous activity would be organized where everyone could tell their jokes. Carrot Top realized this could be his best chance.

 He prepared a show and went on stage. Not everyone liked it but it was a beautiful show. He joined a group of other comedians who were of different ages. He quickly became known for his features. He also decided to change his real name to an art name. 

He thought it would be more comical for people to call him Carrot Top. He chose this name because of his red hair. This was fun and funny. Carrot Top received many awards and one of them is the Comedian of the Year at National Assn.

 But he was not liked by everyone. Some icons of art and comedy do not like his humor at all and that is clear. One of them is Dom Irrera who said that Carrot Top is not a comedy but a clown. But that did not stop him from pursuing his career. 

He is also known for consuming alcohol. However, he enjoyed physical activity and training. Some rumors indicate that Carrot Top used steroids. 

But he never admitted it. He also states that he did not even have plastic surgery, which people were talking about too much.