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Bullies Mock Cheerleader With Down Syndrome – Basketball Players Stop The Game Immediately And Step In For Her

This is one of the most followed actions recently on social networks. Young people set a fantastic example not only for their peers but for everyone. The teenage basketball players stopped the game to make a great move. They intervened in a situation where intervention was necessary.

Their action is attracting the attention of the public and the media. In the photo that has been shared on social networks, the encouragement of the fans and the two basketball players can be seen. But what is special about the picture is the girl. Desiree Andrews is a Down Syndrome fan promoter.

What caught everyone’s attention was that many fans were harassing Andrews. This is intolerable. Therefore someone had to intervene definitely. Yet harassment has always existed. Many young people have been victims of various harassments. For this reason, many foundations and associations have been opened. Their purpose is to stop prejudicial behavior and harassment of individuals with this syndrome.

Youth intervention was a good lesson for everyone. They showed that these behaviors can no longer be tolerated. After seeing that the fans were harassing Andrews, they stopped the game to make sure that such a thing would not continue. Then the two players took a picture with the girl. They gave several interviews to the media.

Both basketball players admitted that this was illogical. The game stopped, and they think that was the right thing to do. In addition, the girl feels very happy and not at all worried about what happened. She is a wonderful promoter.

Desiree had a passion for becoming a fan cheerleader and finally succeeded. The fact that she had Dawn syndrome did not stop her from pursuing her dream. The family was her biggest remnant. They were also happy that she was growing up and fighting for herself. Desiree is supported by her teachers. They are proud of the choice of the girl. Teachers point out that every child with Down syndrome should be allowed to do what they want.