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Brown Shih Tzy? Here’s How To Take Care Of His Hair

Brown is one of Shih Tzu’s most beautiful hair colors. In fact the brown color of Shih Tzu looks more on the paws and nose. Not all dogs have this characteristic. Dogs that are in this color can be called differently.

They are known for their color like chocolate. For this reason, they are compared to the chocolate or the color of the coffee we drink. Shih Tzu color is found in pigments located on chromosomes and is inherited from parents.

Some of Shih Tzu’s body parts that are brown are easily distinguished from other weights. You can understand this by looking at his brown paws or his nose.
However, their nose is not always brown. It can be red or white.

These puppies are very loving and agile. They are very nice and can stay close to you at all times. Their color is very dark and does not mix with gray, white, or black. This color is not recessive and it is not uncommon to See Tzu. Although this color makes your dog look very cute. If you want to take care of your dog’s hair you need to buy shampoos that will help you preserve your dog’s color.

Many dogs lose their color over time and some of them after many years have faded brown. That is why it is important to buy shampoo that will strengthen the hair and its color. But do not forget that this is genetic.
If you are thinking of adopting a Shih Tzu brown, then you should consider getting a cream shampoo or conditioner that you can use to wash his hair. See Tzu the little browns are very nice and playful. They will immediately take your heart with the beauty and tenderness of their fur.
You can also have fun with them by buying your favorite foods and you can walk or play ball. Do not forget to use vitamins that will strengthen your dog’s body. But you can also get vitamins that will preserve your dog’s hair color pigment.