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Boyfriend Refuses To Leave Girlfriend After Terrible Fire Destroys Her Face

Turia Pitt has a heartbreaking and inspirational story at the same time. She is a mining engineer who has gone through a difficult time during the last years.

She suffered severe burns on more than 65 percent of her body. She lost several fingers and underwent more than 200 medical procedures. 

The best thing was that she never felt alone. Michael stood by her side and proposed to her to get married. 

She was in intensive care when Michael bought her a diamond ring. 

She wore a mask all the time so her face healed faster. Turia is very happy now to have found a man who loves her no matter what.

I am very lucky to go to sleep next to this beautiful and good man. Every day is a great day for me, says Turia.

She also shared wonderful news that she and her husband are expecting their first child together.

Three years later they welcomed another bundle of joy into their lives. 

Today they celebrate their love as a perfect family of four.

We wish them all the best!