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Boy Records Fight, Mom Posts It On Facebook And Gets Arrested

A young boy happened to witness an incident at his school and recorded it. He shared it with his mother who decided to post it on her Facebook page.

The mother, Maegan Adkins Barras got in trouble with the police about it and was put in jail.

Her husband Josh is currently in a coma and she is a mother of three children who has had to raise alone.

One day Maegan received a video from her son. She was worried about what was happening and so shared it on her social media account.

The disturbing video shows how two teenagers were fighting and one of them hit his head on a bench that was made of concrete.

Fortunately, the boy is fine and had just a little concussion.

Later on, both boys were charged for the crime but along with them also Maegan was charged.

Maegan was contacted by the school about the video. She removed it after talking with them but was arrested anyway.

The crime she was arrested for is an unlawful posting of criminal activity.

She was arrested with no bond. She was later released after having to spend one night in jail.

But it is important to note that her civil rights were violated by the police.

This is because the crime she was charged for only applies to those who were involved or an accessory to a crime.

Also, she obtained the video lawfully and not unlawfully as stated by the police.

In this case, the police department should be held accountable for false arrests.

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