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Black Gemini Brothers – Black-Owned Menswear Brand Now Being Sold in Nordstrom

Twin Brothers, Founders of Black-Owned Menswear Brand Now Being Sold in Nordstrom

Brothers Warner and Waverly Watkins, are the founders of the well-known menswear brand, Brownstone. They first started this business as a small business, then decided to expand by creating a brand, which is already known in many countries.

Warner and Waverly founded the menswear brand. They made the designers of special and very modern clothing for men. But recently the news that they are selling their brand was heard by all of them. you will be surprised, but they sold their brand to fashion giant Nordstrom.

Nordstrom liked it as soon as he saw the brand clothes of the two brothers. Brownstone dresses have original and previously uncreated designs. The brothers created these special designs using them in different outfits. But although a new brand in the market, it attracted the attention of many famous men as well as famous singers and athletes. Chris Paul and Tyrod Taylor are some of the celebrities who have worn Brownstone clothes.

The collections of this firm are special and contain different clothes. This new company has started to produce jackets, T-shirts, pants, sweaters, hoodies, etc. However, every outfit in the new collection is no longer Brownstone but Nordstrom. This collection became very popular as it was liked in many countries of the world by celebrities.