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Black Business History Shows Us Potent Management Secrets

The tragic event of the assassination of George Floyd, brought together many businessmen, activists, and successful people. Successful business executives gave speeches, and many of them became known to the public. One of these businessmen is Al Sharpton, who attended the Floyd memorial. The successful black businessman delivered an exciting speech on black rights in America and the history of racism.

According to him, black Americans have always been oppressed and prejudiced. For this, he takes the example of George Floyd, who was unjustly strangled by an officer. In the sentence, he spoke about the history of the displacement of blacks in America and their difficult lives. How he supports the rights of blacks, and with his speech, he excited everyone. The businessman said that blacks were smart, but the American state uses violence for them.

The manager’s speech thrilled everyone, and people felt sorry for the conditions where blacks are living. Other businessmen who felt bad about this event also reacted to this statement. One of them is the well-known Simone Phipps, who said that he felt sorry and this should be stopped. Racial inequality is one of the biggest problems in America. “He was right in every word he gave. I join his thoughts.

Many successful people in America are black, and for that, they should be thanked and respected. ” The successful businessman delivered a clever speech about the work and rights of black people. In recent years many businesses in America are run by black people, and these businesses are very successful. Black entrepreneurs have big businesses and have been influencing the American economy for years. Unlike corporations, their businesses have a spirit of collaboration and interaction