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Black And White Shih Tzu’s Are Unique Dogs – Here’s What You Need To Know

Shih Tzu in this color are special but also very beautiful. However, their color surprises everyone. It is because combining two contrasting colors makes them rarer and more unique. Although we can often see this combination of colors in dogs, it remains a unique and incredible municipality. The pigments found in their body make Shih Tzu have these colors. They are inherited from their parents. But still, they remain rare.

Shih Tzu that has two colors are special. They are not the same because their colors change. Some may have white hair on the head, paws, abdomen, etc. But some may have only the back or tail, and this makes them look unique. Signs can be large or small. However, this does not make a difference. Usually, these signs increase as the dog grows and can cover a large part of the body.

They are very nice when they have white paws. However, the colors and their change are up to the parents of your Shih Tzu. According to studies, the probability that after the mating of a white dog and a black dog, to get a white-black Shih Tzu is 25%. Also, in this study, conclusions were reached that dogs can inherit from their parents the position of the marks on the body.

If you are thinking of getting such a dog, you should know that his puppies will have beautiful colors, but this does not mean that they will not be monochromatic. It is important to know that they need certain shampoos, which should preserve hair color and strengthen Shih Tzu’s hair. Also, his soft fur needs a delicate comb.

The most common dogs are those with large black marks. If you want to strengthen this color of your dog, you can buy creams that keep it stable and do not allow hair loss.