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Bizarre Fish With ‘Human’ Teeth Caught In North Carolina

It looks like it was captured straight from horror movies, but is just the mouth of a fish discovered in North Carolina. It doesn’t have teeth as sharp as a shark but it’s creepy how similar it is to human teeth.

The photo was shared by Jennette’s Pier, a fish destination in North Carolina. It was reeled by Nathan Martin and it is called a sheepshead fish. It has an obvious reason, just look at the shape of its teeth and snout.

Some people joked and said that this fish had better teeth than they did. Some others didn’t believe that it was a real photo.

According to David Catania, California Academy of Science collections manager for ichthyology says that this fish is not as uncommon as you may believe. It may be found from Brazil to New York, and it has more in Florida.

This fish poses no threat to us unless harassed. It is interesting to know that its teeth are coated in the same way as human teeth.

What a great world we live in. Did you hear about this fish before or any other strange creatures? Tell us in the comments!