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Bill Gates Issues Warning To The World About Elon Musk

On the internet an interview of Bill Gates saying that Tesla’s owner would become rich is going viral.

The Microsoft owner spoke about the value of cryptocurrencies and claimed the danger of investing too heavily on them.
Elon is the most influential person in the world as his business and marketing skills have affected market value in the past.

Gates is trying to warn people who do not have a lot of fortune not to fall for it. This comes back after Gates was asked about Musk and the potential to make more investments in Bitcoin than on selling his Tesla’s cars.

He has claimed that as a person or businessman he has tons of money and he does not care if his bitcoin goes up or down.

He also claims that if you have less money than Elon you should probably watch out.
As an influencer musk has had a very much impact on the world of crypto.

The value of Dogecoin went up to 5,859 percent as a result of a mention on social media. This comes after Musk had attended Kanye West album launch release party in Miami.

What is ironic is that musk in the video when he says that he wouldn’t bet the farm out of crypto wears a crypto t-shirt and warns about heavy investments.

Recently musk has turned his attention to ukraine. He joked about selling his space dragons to the country.

He recently responded to a satirical part when it was said that he would send flame throwing electrick with his epic response : space dragons with “lasers”.

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