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Best Human Medicines for Shih Tzu

Many human medications contain the same active ingredients as the Shih Tzu versions, you can often alleviate your Shih Tzu’s symptoms with prompt care using appropriate choices from your own medicine cabinet. It’s worth remembering: it’s always better if you can talk to the vet you trust.

Shih Tzus should almost never receive the same dosage as a person. Their bodies work differently than ours, and they don’t metabolize drugs in the same way. Dosage for Shih Tzus is usually based on their body weight, so you need to know how much they weigh before medicating them.

Human remedies you can give to Shih Tzu

The following table includes several common medicines for humans. that do not need a prescription and its equivalent dosage for Shih Tzu. Again, it is always recommended to contact your veterinarian before giving your Shih Tzu any human medication, to make sure it will not cause any harm.

– Bisacodyl

Function: for constipation

Use shih tzu: 1 tablet of 5-20mg. 1 time a day or 1/2 to 2 pediatric suppositories (10mg). 1 time a day.

– Diphenhydramine

Function: Soothing topical lotion for pain and itching

Shih Tzu Usage: Apply to affected areas

– Dimenhydrinate

Function: For car motion sickness and nausea

I use Shih Tzu: 4-8 mg per kg, 3 times a day

– Hamamelis

Function: Astringent/topical antiseptic

Use Shih Tzu: apply to the affected area

– Magnesium Hydroxide, Aluminum Hydroxide, and Dimethicone

Function: For digestive problems, gas

Use Shih Tzu: Under 7 kg, 3 tablespoons; from 6 to 23 kg, 4 tablespoons; over 23 kg, 6 tablespoons

Do not use it on cats.

– Kaolin/pectin

Function: for diarrhea.

Use Shih Tzu: 1/2 to 1 teaspoon for every 2 kg, every 8 hours

– Menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil

Function: Congested airways

Use Shih Tzu: Place a small amount on your pet’s chin to make breathing easier.

– Gatorade

Function: for dehydration

Use Shih Tzu: mix half and half with water, offer as much as the animal wants.

– Povidone

Function: Topical antiseptic

Use Shih Tzu: Apply to wound.

Double care: On average, a remedy given at home before a doctor’s appointment has up to 48 hours to make your Shih Tzu better. If that doesn’t happen, it’s best to see a vet. But professionals warn of the need for follow-up always, because even if the symptom is simple, such as a mild fever, it can indicate that there is a disease behind it. “We do not in any way encourage self-medication, but we know that it is very common for people to do this.