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Ben Affleck Reveals His Alcoholism Started When He Felt ‘Trapped’ In His Marriage With Jennifer Garner

It takes effort from two people to have a healthy marriage. Ben Affleck failed to have a healthy marriage with Jennifer Garner. He says that he felt trapped in that marriage.

Everyone knows that marrying and divorcing in front of the world is extremely awkward. They have been dating since 2005 when they decided to get married. 

Jennifer and Ben had three children together, but in 2015 they decided to separate ways. 

Three years later the divorce was finally settled. For Garner, this marriage was a circus, as they were at the peak of their careers and the paparazzi made it impossible to have a normal life with privacy.

While Ben felt trapped in this marriage as he couldn’t leave because of the children, so he turned up to alcohol. 

I am not happy, but I can’t leave because of my kids, so what do I do? And that was the moment when I started drinking. 

Ben checked into rehab and wanted to turn his life around as alcoholism was destroying him. 

But now it seems like he got his life back on track.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have engaged again. They are taking their flame to a next level for a second time. 

They decided to give their romantic relationship a second try after they broke off almost 20 years before. 

We are smarter, older and we have more experience. We have kids and are at different places in our lives, and we have to be conscious of these things, Lopez said. 

She believes that their reunion is a beautiful thing in a great time. We have been in the game enough to know what really matters and what doesn’t matter. 

We live our lives in a way we can be proud and our kids can be proud of us, she continued. 

JLo announced the exciting news in a video on her official website. She was shown emotionally over the engagement, and also showed a gorgeous engagement ring. 

They haven’t been public together, only a couple of appearances on the red carpet. What a great and happy couple! Congratulations! 

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