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Beautiful Moment for Depressed Dog Who Actually Found Closure Saying a Final Goodbye At The Funeral

Pets are just as important and lovable as humans. They love their owners very much and are loyal. This is also the story of Sadie, the puppy who lost her owner. 

Everyone was amazed by the gruesome sight of the dog near its owner’s coffin. She approached the coffin to say goodbye to the man who cared for her for 12 years.

Psychologists show that animals are part of the family and they get upset when family members get hurt. This is not the first time we see a dog crying for its owner. 

They are loyal and miss their family. Dogs are also ready to search for their human parents. Sadie is a special dog. Julia, her human mother knew that Sadie was upset and shocked. No one expected Julie’s husband to die. 

When the ambulance came to pick up Sadie’s human father, she started crying. She waited a few weeks and for a long time lived in depression. She did not eat bread for 10 days and waited for him by the window. 

She waited for him to return but he did not return and Sadie was very sad. When Julia went to her husband’s farewell memorial, she took Sadie with her. She stood for a long time near the flower coffin. Julia reveals that Sadie was shocked and had started to get sick. 

The leaders of the farewell ceremony show that it is not the first time that dogs join in such ceremonies. They are loving and loyal pets. After this moment Sadie started to feel a little better and even ate her meal. Apparently, the last meeting with her human father had given her the strength to live.

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