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Barry Gibb of Bee Gees Reveals He Regrets Pushing Younger Brother To Music After He Died Aged 30

Barry, Maurice, Robin, and Andy the Gibb brothers musical talent run in the family.
They have accomplished great things, young as a group of three and the youngest soloist artist Andy.

They have been exposed to music since they were born. Their mother was an established singer and their dad was a bandleader, drummer, and performer. We can say it is not a surprise they are so young and so talented.

The Ultimate Biography of The Bee Gees has relived a fun story in which their mother Barbara realized the boys were talented. One day when she got home she saw her father in law watching TV and the loud noise could be heard in other rooms too.

She went in the room to turn the loud off but saw her childrens producing the music she was hearing. The boys were 6 to 9 years old. She and her husband realized that the boys were meant for big things as the group accomplished to sell more than 200 million records worldwide.

Barry firstly named the group The Rattlesnakes but later he decided to name it Bee Gees. back in 1970 the group music made them loved worldwide. They made music and wrote music for other authors too.

They have won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance By A Group in 1977 and two others for album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Performance By a Duo in 1978.

As a group they were famous but their little sibling Andy was creating a career on his own and he was very good at it. He was presented as the youngest and this didn’t bother him but at that time he felt like didn’t have enough acknowledgement on his own.

He couldn’t get used to the fame and started using drugs and alcohol which had led him into losing his life in his 30s.
He had chest and abdominal pain and was rushed to the hospital. He passed away days later because of inflammation of the heart.

This affected too many people and his brothers and family were heartbroken.
After Andy’s death years later Maurice died after collapsing his home in 2003 and Robin died too. Only Barry was left alive from the brothers.

He was left with regrets because in time when they passed away his relation with them wasn’t that good. With eyes full of tears he said that he was close to the brothers and he said that they were as one soul and this is what he misses more.

The group was presented at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the name of an iconic group that created timeless music.

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