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Barcelonan Fans Are Gushing Over Messi-Antonela Pics From Their Holiday

When we talk about Messi, we all think it is going to be news about sport and football, but this time no. in focus are the married couple Messi and his wife Antonela.

They got married and have grown up together because they have known each other since they were kids.

They have been married for five year now and have kids too. Their holiday place this summer is Ibiza, Spain.

Their love story started back in their hometown in Argentina. They used to live near each other and had a thing until Messi went to Europe and started playing as a professional football player at FC Barcelona.

After Messi left Antonela had a difficult time because she lost her best friend until they met each other again.

Messi had to return to Argentina by the time he heard the news and they got back together and got married in 2017.
They are a family now and live in Barcelona Castelldefels.

They have grown love for each other even though they had a break up time, they got back to each other.

They look amazing together. Years of separation were a test they passed well. Messi and antonela never forget each other, never stopped loving each other even from different countries because when messi herald what had happened to antonela he run to get back to argentina.
If this doesn’t smell like true love we do not know what it is.

People around the world love their love. In public accosions where they show up together we can easily see their sparkling eyes who scream love. Both of them look so cute together.

You can enjoy the photos from their holidays and their red carpets together or as a family.

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