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Barbara Mandrell Met Her Husband When She Was 14, Now Shares Her Secret To A Happy Long-Lasting Relationship

Barbara Mandrell, the girl who could read music sheets before reading words, was just 5 when everyone knew she would be great in the music industry. 

She mastered the guitar and was an undeniable talent in Chicago. She is still charming today with her voice.

Her dad never stopped believing in her and became her manager, achieving many great things. 

When Mandrell started performing, her father hired Ken Dudney to play the drums. He is now her husband for more than 53 years. 

Ken was 21 and Barbara just 14 when they met, four years later they tied the knot, in 1967. We were so much in love and wanted to get married but I had to graduate from high school first. 

He always supported her career and he served in the Navy. We never lost our love and passion for one another, even when we were separated at that time. They have three kids together. Barbara shares her secret to a long-lasting happy marriage. 

We keep God at the center of our lives and this makes it blessed. It was God who kept us together and helped us overcome any obstacle in life. We do not get along perfectly, we argue and fight. 

They are the perfect example of a happy couple who have everlasting love. We wish them a happy life together!