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Babysitter Makes Tough Decision About Dying Daughter That Makes Everyone Cry

Everyone that has been taking care of a baby knows how difficult it can be. Sometimes it is an unexplained bond between babysitter and baby. 

Some babysitters take their job with passion and do more than is required. Kiersten is 22 years old and works as a babysitter to cover her school fee. 

She had to make a scary decision that would be life-changing. The couple who gave the job to her has three children. She formed a strong bond with children and mostly with the youngest one, Talia. 

Talia got ill and after the checks, doctors said that she needed a new liver. She had a life-threatening disease and her babysitter offered her liver to help. 

She stood on her decision and it was the perfect match. The surgery was successful and both of them recovered quickly. 

Talia is very healthy now and has had a great childhood. Kudos to Kiersten for what she did. Some things go beyond work and really tell us how amazing some people can be.

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