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Autistic Teen Missing For 3 Years Found Shivering Alone In Snow, Over 700 Miles From Home

The 16-year-old autistic was declared wanted by the family. They were not finding the teenager. 

He disappeared three years ago from his home in California. Connerjack Oswalt is a 16-year-old who was diagnosed with autism just a few years ago. (NAMUS) reported that he had left his home in Clearlake, California and that the family was very concerned about him.

The incident happened in 2019 when he left home because his mother took his phone. He had taken his cat with him. Oswalt left in September when the cold had just begun. Concerned parents told police their son was not returning home. 

Searches last for a long time. In April of this year, many people began reporting to police that they had seen a teenager sleeping on the street. He slept in front of a store and rode in a shopping cart in the neighborhood.

According to police searches, the teenager described by residents resembled Oswalt. Police found him sleeping as usual near a store. He was cold and shivering. The police tried to figure out exactly who he was. 

Through fingerprints, they realized he was the boy they were looking for. Oswalt did not like to talk much and many questions asked by the police were not answered. After he was found, police notified the family who no longer lived in California. 

They immediately set out to pick up their son they had not seen in three years. Everyone was happy that the teenager who had been missing for two years was found alive.