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Authorities Are Revealing New Details About Ivana Trump’s Death

According to reports the first wife of president Donald Trump, Ivana Trump a Czech-American Businesswoman has passed away. She was the mother of three children she had with Donald trump, Ivanka, Donald Jr and Erick. It was her family who shared the news to the media.

She passed away at the age of 73-year-old. Her family declared she was and amazing woman, a world class athlete, a business woman, a caring mother and a beautiful soul. She raised her children about grit and compassion and determination.

Ivana came to America from Czechoslovakia and married Donald J Trump 1977. After 15 years in 192 they got divorced. As it is reported in 14 July paramedics were called to Ivana’s apartment following reports of a cardiac arrest. There is no further information.

Donald trump on his social media shared a memory of his ex-wife the other of his children and describer Ivana as a wonderful woman, beautiful and amazing mother having an inspiration life.

As for every mother her pride were her three children who grow up and got their own life and creating their own families. She was a survivor a strong woman who left her county fled from communism and embraced America.

She was a wife a woman a friend to the people who knew her and she will be missed. Her three children Ivana, Donald Jr and Eric and family of them of course friends will miss her beautiful soul as they claimed. She passed away at the age of 73 by a cardiac arrest.

The news of the death of Ivana Trump saddened us all. However, the cause of death is not yet known. She and Trump have 3 children together.

Ivana had a significant impact on Trump and his career. Her death shocked everyone and was immediate. The police report says that they received an emergency call around 12:40 in the afternoon. When the police arrived at the scene, she was dead. It is suspected that Ivana died of a heart attack.

Ivana was born in Czechoslovakia and her career has been brilliant. She has participated in several films. After finishing high school, she went on to high school in Canada. It could be difficult for her because she has to live in a very modern country.

She says that she met Donald Trump in a restaurant. From this day they started meeting together. They had three children together. They stayed together for 14 years.

Ivana was a very beautiful woman with clear goals. She worked hard for her career and her family. Besides acting, she was also a good writer. She has written several successful books.

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