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Auditory processing disorder – Find out everything about Auditory Processing Disorder – symptom of both autism and multiple sclerosis

The appearance of hearing problems in autism
When (APD) has problems, we face hearing concerns. Hearing processing occurs when the brain does not process sounds normally.

It is not related to age. However, in children, it is repeated more often. This disease, like many diseases, has its symptoms. Problems with the hearing system are different for people. Some may not have symptoms but, in reality, they do not hear very well.

This increase in sound processing affects many moments in our lives.

  1. Difficulty in understanding things. When someone is talking and there is noise around them, the quality of the sound and sound is low.
  2. Problems begin with distinguishing similar sounds from one another.
  3. WITH these worries, it is difficult to remember for a long time.
  4. Many people do not want to listen to music or listen very little. Over time they develop the ability to listen to music

These children need more care but are no different from others. They can also be very successful learners.

• Consultation with the doctor.

If you see a problem in your child try to see the doctor. Of course, the cause of hearing problems can be anything. The doctor can then refer you to a person who specializes in fixing these problems.
To see if you suffer from ADP you need to do some tests. These are not like other hearing tests. Other hearing tests are not very effective in diagnosing APD because they are performed. Tests of these disturbances are performed in noisy rooms.

For this type of problem, the tests are different and have different effects.
You can find several types of tests such as Concentration control during listening, sound recognition, understanding of small changes in sound, tests with electrodes, assessment of expression, and thinking.

These tests measure problems in hearing processing. In addition to tests, we have many ways to alleviate these problems.

In the first place is listening to training. Through some activities, your brain is trained to hear specific noises. You can start analyzing sounds. Through this continuous training the level of listening increases. It requires a lot of practice and willpower. Practices are different and adapt to ages and problems.

Sound changes affect the ability to hear. Remember that the environment is important. Cold rooms cause echoes. Thus they are not highly recommended. Many small and warm rooms with carpets are preferred.

Beware of loud and disturbing noises. Turn down the TV in case of a match with fans or loud music is being broadcast. Do not hesitate to ask for help and support. Why do these problems occur?

We do not yet know this exactly. It happens to both children and adults. It can also be caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain.