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At The Age Of 81, The Famous Actor Al Pacino Falls In Love With 28 YO Girl

Al Pacino now fell in love with Noor Alfallah, the 28-year-old TV producer. They have a 53-year age gap, but they seem to be okay with that. 

Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah are pictured eating supper in Venice Beach, California. After parting up with Meital Dohan, his 42 years old ex-girlfriend, Al Pacino fell in love with Noor, who was in a previous relationship with 78-year-old rocker Mick Jagger. 

The press assumed that Noor was developing a relationship with Clint Eastwood 91 years old, but she clarified that he is merely her acquaintance. 

The heart is aware of what it feels, says Jagger. They met at a party and kept their relationship secret for a while. 

Al Pacino was in a relationship with Lucila Sola, 45 years old prior to being in the relationship with Meital Dohan. 

The actor has three children from a relationship with Beverly D. ‘Angelo and two children with actress Jan Tarrant.  

What do you think about his last relationship? Would you accept being in a relationship with 53 year age gap?