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Artist Creates Body Positive Roll Tattoos That Celebrate Fat Bodies Just As They Are

Roll tattoos and different trends to decorate the body have been added a lot recently. When it comes to indelible tattoo artistry, you should know Carrie Metz-Caporusso.

Roll Tattoos

She is the artist who makes art in our bodies and hides the parts that we don’t want to expose. From flowers to animals, she can make anything her customers ask for.

The latest tattoo trends we see on social media make us love tattoos even more. The artist had an 8-year career in this field and her work was getting better every day. She thinks that all bodies are beautiful and special in different ways.

Roll Tattoos

Carrie knows how to make art with tattoos, on thin and healthy bodies. She has even discovered a way to draw flowers near the wrinkles of the back so that the body looks as beautiful as possible.

The artist shows that she can help people who want to feel good about their bodies and increase their self-confidence.

Roll Tattoos

Carrie values ​​the human body and is convinced that every individual should protect their body. “I can say with conviction that everyone is beautiful in their way. You can get tattoos to feel cool, beautiful, and good about yourself.

There is nothing wrong if you put some colors, black and white paintings, or quotes that are valuable to you in your body and in your Roll Tattoos idea.

Flowers on your back. If you have separation on your back, this idea would be a bomb.

Roll Tattoos

Your body will always remember nature

The sea or waves can be the right choice.

Leaves make curves look nicer

Roll Tattoos

These tattoos are perfect for getting fat

Flowers, flowers, flowers, this could cover the whole back.

Bridge of communication with tattoos.

Combinations of flowers with nature, the sun, the stars, the moon

Roll Tattoos

Visual art with leaves

The flowers when you touch them are magical

This tattoo symbolizes harmony and balance. Palm leaves and the sun

Lavender flowers are always romantic

On the back, they could add unique orchid flowers

These were the tattoos we chose for you. They are unique and magical. In this article, you have some ideas that will guide you if you want to get a tattoo on your back.

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