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Are You Going Out At Night? Here’s How to Leave Your Shih Tzu Alone, Safe and Happy

How do I leave my shih tzu alone safely? Here’s how to prepare your home correctly.

When you have a shih tzu at home, it is quite common for him to spend a few hours of the day alone at home, especially if all the family members go out to work or study every day.

Shih tzu is like children, they don’t know the real dangers that can happen to them, they can get hurt, get stuck, and cause some inconvenience, but for that not to happen, some measures the owners can take before leaving the house and leaving the shih tzu alone, learn here the best ways for your dog to be alone and safe.

What to do when my shih tzu needs to be alone? Precautions to be taken.

Shih tzu is an animal that loves company, that’s why they are called man’s best friend.

When you leave the house, your shih tzu misses you and can be very bored or sad, there are some things you can do to keep him from feeling so alone.

When the shih tzu is full of energy, bored, and alone at home, it is very likely that you will find an unpleasant surprise when you get home, because he can make a mess to be distracted, gnaw furniture, ruin shoes, bite sofas, armchairs, and pillows, peeing on the bed and in the wrong place, scattering food on the floor, messing with the water, tearing fabric and rugs, biting books and papers and endless another mischief, all because he got bored. However, in addition to the mess, your shih tzu trying to distract himself can get hurt and injured at home and no one wants that to happen, because he may not know how to get out of the situation and get serious injuries.

Some shih tzu can drop shelves on top of them, tables with cups and plates on the floor, get cut with glass, drop an object, etc.

Take your shih tzu for a long, tiring ride

Before going out, the most important thing is to take your shih tzu for a walk, walk a lot until he gets tired and be less anxious when you are alone at home, tiring him a lot on the walk he will spend a good part of the day taking a nap and without risking the home. Go out and get plenty of exercise with him, this is very important.

Restrict his space in the house

Another valuable tip is to reduce his space in the house. A lot of people think that leaving the whole house free while the shih tzu is alone at home is the best option for him to move around, but in fact, this whole house for him will make him feel even more lonely and miss the owner even more.

The right thing is for him to restrict an area of ​​the house for him to stay while he is alone. Choose an area free of dangers without things that he can climb and damage and places that don’t have electrical wires for him to chew, because he can get a shock or be electrocuted, dogs are very fragile and all that care with electrical wires is necessary.

Leaving the shih tzu restricted in the kitchen and in the service area is a great example, probably close by there will be his food and water for when he needs it, his place to go to the bathroom and a corner to play and rest, so he is not in danger with others corners of the house and will feel less alone and more secure until its owner arrives.

Unplug wires from outlets

If you are going to leave your shih tzu alone at home, it is important that you leave the electrical and electronic devices that will be near it unplugged, because if it is a curious and sniffer dog, it may want to play with the wires and get a shock. . Be careful with that, leave everything unplugged!

leave appropriate toys

There are several toys sold in pets suitable for when the owner will spend a few or many hours outside the house. They are usually toys made of a very resistant material that the dog will spend a lot of time playing with and “trying” to destroy, but will not be able to.

Avoid leaving the shih tzu alone with toys that contain small parts that can come off, because with no one at home he can swallow and become choking, and there will be no one to help him.

There are very sturdy toys and some that from time to time drop a piece of snack or food, which will distract your shih tzu a lot and won’t leave him feeling bored and lonely.

Avoid the leathery bones that come loose, your SHIH TZU can choke too.

These are the main tips for you to keep your shih tzu safe even when you spend hours alone.