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Angie Dickinson, 60 Years of Her Arresting Life and Career from 1960 to 2022

Angie Dickinson is one of the most loved actresses and television stars of Hollywood. She was initially known for her looks and was valued less for her acting skills. But she was very good at it and kept getting more parts in movies.

She was very beautiful and became a sensation very quickly. All of a sudden she was everybody’s favorite. She was the favorite of movie directors also, gaining a lot of important parts. 

There has also been written a biography for her, titled “Angie: The Life and Films of Angie Dickinson” by the biographer James Startton. The author said he respects her as she is a very talented actor with amazing gifts.

Angie was born on the 30th of September, 1931 in North Dakota. When she was growing up she participated in a few beauty contests and won them. One of these contests was part of the movie Lucky Me. That is where Angie was spotted and developed her interest in acting.

The movie in which she had her big debut was: Rio Bravo” in 1959, and that opened a lot of doors in Hollywood for Angie. 

Angie was married to Gene Dickinson for 8 years (1952-1960), who used to be a football player. They divorced and Angie married Burt Bacharach in 1965. They had a daughter named Lea Nikki one year later. Later they divorced in 1981.

Some of the most important films in which Angie has participated during her long career of more than 60 years, are China Gate, Jessica, Ocean’s 11, Captain Newman M.D, The Sins of Rachel Cade, The Killers, Big Bad Mama, The Outside Man, Point Blank, etc.

She played the role of a sergeant in the series “Police Woman” from 1974 to 1978 for which she has won numerous awards. Also, for the movie “Dressed to Kill” of 1980 she received a Saturn Award as Best Actress.

Angie had been through a lot of difficulties in her personal life but she always kept walking forward and embraced her life. She remained a positive person her whole life. Today she is 90 years old and is happy and grateful for the life she has had.