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Angelina Jolie Hired A Hitman To Kill Her During A Rather Bleak Phase In Her Life

Celebrity lives are not as we thought. Some of them have a very difficult life. Angelina Jolie makes no difference. She revealed something shocking about her life. 

She confessed that she had been attempting to end her life when she was young. She knew that suicide would be very hard for her family and thought that being killed would be a better option. 

She decided to hire someone to take her life, instead of doing it by herself. She found someone who could do it. The hitman asked her to think about what she was going to do. Angelina Jolie thought for a month and later things in life changed and I survived. 

She didn’t want her relatives to feel they could have done something. So to hire someone was the best I could do. 

Now Jolie is a superstar, mother of 6. We wish her a long life!