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Angela McQueen: Hero Teacher Takes Down Student Gunman And Saves Lives

Angela McQueen is the heroine’s teacher who protected her students from the disaster. She is 40 years old and has been a teacher for several years.

She defended her students from a gun attack while they were eating lunch. The attacker pointed the gun at the children and started shooting. They are lucky that their teacher did not hesitate to protect them.

Recently there has been an increase in gun attacks in US schools. This has terrified teachers and parents. Also, many children and members of the teaching staff have changed their lives from the attacks with weapons used by unrestrained teenagers. These events are becoming more and more terrifying every day. Although you all think that the school was a safe place for children, apparently it is not so anymore.

School security has changed a lot. Especially these days, many individuals find it easier to get weapons with a permit. They can buy weapons very simply. This affects the spread of weapons to irresponsible individuals who use them for evil purposes. Some parents are worried about their children and are not calm while their children are in school. Debates about the purchase of weapons are increasing even more after the recent incidents.

The same situation happened at Mattoon High School in Illinois. The 40-year-old teacher tried to protect her students. She was brave and jumped in front of the attacker. She is a young woman and has been working as a teacher for 17 years. Angela is an excellent woman and a capable teacher.

After the gun attack, Angela McQueen says that she didn’t think much of those moments.

She just tried to protect the children. A teenager appeared in front of her eyes and raised his weapon toward the children. She wasn’t sure what she was doing but she didn’t think twice.

“I had to stop it and I tried to do it. The teenager took out the Armenian and pointed it at the children while they were eating lunch. At that moment I jumped to the gun to stop my students from being injured.” Then another teacher heard the sound of the gun and the police gathered at the school.

In this incident, a 16-year-old boy was injured, who is now in very good health. The police managed to arrest the teenager who used the weapon. The police also said that the teacher was the heroine who prevented the disaster.

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