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America’s Wealthiest’s Forgiven PPP Loans From Kanye West To Khloe Kardashian Revealed

Everyone is curious when it comes to the life of the most prominent millionaires in the world. In this article, you will find million-dollar PPP loans from some of the richest people. The government pays many American businesswomen to run their businesses.

You can’t guess what the numbers are. Kanye West or Paul Pelosi, everything in their lives revolves around large sums of money. But they are not forced to pay anything, even though they live a very luxurious life.

ppp loans

According to a recent study, famous businessmen are paid about 955 billion dollars today from the taxes of the American people. According to a survey conducted by the Associate Press, many businessmen did not complete the loan after the first round.

ppp loans

But the rich businesswomen were in better financial condition due to PPP loans.

One of the well-known brands such as West Yeezy and Kanye West has borrowed 2,363,585 dollars and the loan is unknown.

While Reese Witherspoon’s business received $975,472 for Draper James LLC. But he would not pay any money to the government. Kanye West had spent more than half of the money he had borrowed. Khloe Kardashian and her jeans business cannot be left behind. She received $1,245,405 in loans.

ppp loans

Her company has great profits. From the first day of sales, the company earned 1 million dollars in sales. Another well-known character is Tom Brady, who received not a little, but 960 thousand dollars in loans. He now does not need to pay the loan because the loan has been forgiven.

ppp loans

In the same situation is Seab Comb, who was forgiven the loan of 1.9 million dollars. This has raised hatred in many American individuals who find it unacceptable. Loan forgiveness was encouraged even during the recession when the sector that was penalized the most was music and entertainment.

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