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Airport Comes To A Standstill As Passengers Hear Unmistakable Sound

Airports are busy as everyone is rushing and trying to catch their flight. But this wasn’t the same thing in Nashville. The airport came to a standstill and passengers stopped. 

Jen was left blown away by what she experienced there. A sound drew her attention and she pulled out her phone to capture the scene on video as she didn’t want to lose that moment. Jen wanted to share everything with her friends and family to make them feel the same thing.

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Hundreds of people stopped despite everything after an airline attendant made an announcement. 

The airline staff said that they had a special guest there today. The children of fallen service members were boarding to fly to Disneyworld and the airport wanted to pay special honor to them.

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When The Star-Spangled Banner started to play, the airport came to a standstill and everyone stopped to pay respect. Soldiers saluted the little children. It was a breathtaking standstill and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone.

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After that, when they were ready to board the plane, the whole airport sang the national anthem with the military.

Jen described everything as so humbling. It was simply beautiful. God bless these families and give a wonderful life to these children. Thank you American Airlines for making these kids’ days happy.

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