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After Sharing ‘Morning After’ Pics, Jennifer Aniston Fans Go Wild

Once in a while Jennifer Aniston winds up in hot water. Well something happened. 

A little bird saw something on her Christmas tree and people are talking about it. 

She has been the biggest sweetheart of America. 

She grew up with her mom and landed her first role in 1987.

In fact for the most part of her career she had small roles, and the biggest role of her was Friends. 

She also starred in other movies throughout the year. She was also cast in The Morning Show. 

She has won a SAG award for her great role. And built a huge following on Instagram. A photo she shared got more than 5 million likes in a record time. 

She often shares photos of her husband and two dogs. 

What do you think about her post?

The placement of the dress had anyone talking. It was the shot from the morning after that night. We all have an undressing partner in mind. Don’t we? Brad, of course!

We are rooting for Jen & Brad secretly deep down.