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After 6 YO Son Passes Away, Parents Find Note He Left Them

Losing a kid is the hardest thing life can throw at a parent. Stories like this make us very emotional especially when the one who lost his life is a kid.

A sweet little boy called Leland Shoemake wanted to leave a message to his parents by the time he was going to leave them forever in this world. He died ate the 6 year old age who was ding Balamuthia trearment a brain eating amoeba.

After losing their son the parents turned home and funded a note which they will keep safe all their life. They were preparing for his funeral while his dad found a note in the place where he used to do art.

He showed his wife the note and they both ended up in tears. The note said that he was with them and that he loved them very much.

His mom Amber said that he always writes notes but the one they found was special and they framed it and hung it on the wall. His mother says that he was a curious boy who knew abc, numbers, loved school, loved history, and he was hungry for learning.

He was a sociable kid, enjoyed talking to people, had a nice personality and loved to make new friends. His mother said he was taken too soon from this world and his note was something people should see.

Leland loved ships, and liked to learn facts about WW2, his favorite actor was Adam Sandler, loved his family and his brother the most, had an extraordinary smile and enjoyed every party he was invited to.

He was a loving kid, a smart one and everybody loved him. He will always be missed because he left this world too soon and we pray for his family and his soul.

Rest in peace little angel!