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After 30 Years Of Marriage, Just As She Imagined Enjoying Good Times In Her Second Youth, She Was Surprised With An Unexpected Divorce

This is not the first time that unimaginable things happen. Violeta did not expect to be separated at all. She had just started living her second youth. After 30 years of a successful marriage, Violeta was very close to divorce.

She thought that now her life had just started over. She says that she had made many plans with her husband. Her children would finish school and thus they would have more time for each other.

The 30-year marriage had given Violeta a lot of happiness and beautiful moments. Now she thought that together with her husband they would restart their romance. They had also thought of enjoying nature and spending more time together than before.

But something unexpected surprised everyone, especially Violeta. Only two years ago, her husband told her that he had fallen in love with another woman.

This horrified her. She loved her husband very much. However, he could not do anything to stop his love for another woman. Her husband had another relationship and he wanted to live with his new wife. Violeta says that this was one of the most difficult moments of her life. She started crying and shaking.

However, Violeta tried to gather herself. The period that was passing was not easy at all. She had endured a lot and this was too much. After a few days, she received a letter informing her of the divorce.

Her husband left the house. Violeta says that during this period she tried to maintain ties with her relatives. She thought that her husband would one day regret it. Her children experienced this event badly, her son was more worried than all of them.

Violeta says that now she has found herself. Her husband is single and is not living with his new wife. While Violeta was spending time with her grandson, children, new friends, and her hobby. These things were helping him to be calmer.

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