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Affectionate Shih Tzu Deserves The Best Home After Owner Was Unable To Care For Him

Gruffalo first came to the shelter in December 2020 and volunteers want to find him the ideal home. He is an affectionate Shih Tzu and we are looking for a new home for him after the last owner was unable to care. 

He has been living in our temporary home near Fareham. He was described as a quirky little boy. He is seeking a special home. 

He finds all handling a bit daunting, for example, vet visits and grooming. He is seeking a very experienced adult-only home, especially people who can give lots of time to him. 

It has to be managed safely when outside because it can be reactive around people and other dogs. 

He is undergoing skin and ear issues and needs medication, so adopters have to consider that this may have costs to be covered.