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Adorable Shih Tzu Photos Before And After Grooming

Shih Tzu photos before and after grooming – For women, going to the beauty salon to get a haircut or a brush is synonymous with joy.

As for the Shih Tzu, being shorn or just having the hair trimmed is usually a reason for panic. After all, most Shih Tzu doesn’t like going to pet stores to beautify themselves.

Shih Tzu photos before and after grooming

Owners, however, are even more passionate when they find their Shih Tzu smelling good to take several pictures of the Shih Tzu with the hair combed after a bath and grooming.








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The best Shih Tzu Haircuts – Cute & Funny

Cute and funny haircuts for Shih Tzu

Everyone wants to look beautiful. Our clothes are a part of life for us.  Everyone has the right to look beautiful and feel good. Why not try it for yourself with your See Tzun. They need to be beautiful. You can try new styles. Your dog will look nice if you put accessories on him.

But before you cut his hair, you need to know a few things. Do not damage their hair. Their hair is very soft and does not fall to the floor. If you do not cut them properly, the hair can form knots. Cleaning and combing are important. Be careful with shampoos, and do not use shampoos with harsh chemical content.

Now that you know these, get ready to look at the most beautiful hairstyles for your Tzun.

1. The Lion cut

 You probably know that “See” means lion and “Tzu” means son. This hairstyle will go a long way with your dog. With this style, his face will look round. When cutting your hair do not touch the mustache. The body hairs may be cut to 1.5 or 2 inches.

2. Cute Puppy Cut

If you are looking for a great model for your dog this is it. You can cut your hair short and this will make them comfortable in the summer. With short hair, they will feel beautiful. Hair is cut up to 2 inches all over the body. While on the face they will be kept a little longer.

3. Teddy Bear haircut

If you are looking for a light and beautiful model, you should choose this one. Your dog will look like you are a wonderful little toy. This hairstyle fits very well with the personality and behavior of your dog. The hair on the body is cut up to 2.5 inches. While on the face they are cut up to 4 inches.

 4. Top Knot Show Cut

This style is awesome for your Tzune See. Your dog will have long and beautiful hair. In this model, the hair should be cleaned and of equal length. The hair is held up to the chest so that it does not stand out.

5. Practical Top Knot

 This is another model with long hair, but you need to shorten it a bit. This cut is very comfortable for your dog. It also helps the dog maintain body temperature.

6. Flared bottom Style

In this model, you have to cut the dog’s hair up to 3 inches. But do not forget. The hair on the tail should belong. Your dog will look very cute. 

8 Rare And Gorgeous Photos Of Shih Tzu After Grooming

The shih tzu is a breed of dog that is very popular with people and anyone who has a shih tzu dog at home knows that they can do many things with their coat, from some types of grooming to beautiful hairstyles.

But this is only possible if the shih tzu’s coat is well cared for. It’s no use wanting to dare in the shih tzu’s hairstyles if the coat is not treated. Here we present photos of shaved shih tzu. They will enchant you.

Shitzu pictures after grooming

This shih tzu appears all worked on the tosa hair curt. Isn’t it really love?

This one too. The haircut tosa prevailed. Now, look at the images with other types of clipping.

Isn’t there really love in the Japanese tosa? Want to squeeze…

And look how beautiful this turned out! You’re a diva!!!!

And this one is bouncing on the baby grooming.

One more for us to drool over. Beautiful isn’t she?

In the clipping of the scissors looks like an eternal puppy

And we end with this image here. Aren’t they really passionate?

Best Types Of Grooming For Your Shih Tzu

There are people who prefer the shaved shih tzu coat instead of that long coat that makes them beautiful, and ready for any beauty show. This type of grooming for shih tzu is for those who don’t have time to take care of brushing every day.

But for them to be fluffy, you have to ask the baby tosa for shih tzu, which leaves about 3 cm or 4 of hair, if it is in the machine!

And don’t let them cut the bangs or the whiskers, if you cut the bangs, it will fall into the eyes and you can’t tie and put on bows and if you cut the whiskers, the hairs are all spiky and he has difficulty seeing and can even injure his eye of the shih tzu that is very sensitive.

Leave the ears a little long, to look like a “channel” cut. And I also suggest that you follow the shih tzu clipping so you don’t regret it, each clipper does it in a different way, and it takes a while to grow everything again! Let’s get to know the types of grooming for shih tzu breed!

How to choose the perfect grooming for your shih tzu

To choose the ideal clipper, some requirements are necessary. I’ll name a few: Need for care If you don’t have time or you just don’t like to brush us and don’t like dirt either, baby grooming is the best option, since the hair will be in a small amount.

If you are more exotic and want to convey this to your dog, the Japanese clipper is a great option. But pay attention before choosing this tosa for shih tzu, it needs care with the paws and head, after all, they are the parts where the hair is kept in good quantity.

How to shave a shih tzu

How to clip a shih tzu with scissors: Most of the time you have the option of choosing between clipping with the machine or with the scissors. Shearing with scissors: the cut is done only with scissors, without the use of a machine in any part of our body.

It reduces volume to the hair and the cut is not marked, it is smoother, most of the time the price of clipping with scissors is higher, because the result is better.

How to clip a shih tzu in the machine: We are entirely clipped with the machine, the scissors are used only in finishing. The hair is more marked and the result is not so natural and smooth compared to the clipping with scissors. Usually, the clipper on the machine has a lower price.

Baby grooming for shih tzu

Purpose of baby grooming for shih tzu: Baby grooming is intended to shorten and reduce the amount of hair, thus facilitating care and reducing the need for brushing. It also aims to make us look more youthful. It is intended to imitate the fur of a puppy dog. Baby grooming mimics the coat of a shih tzu puppy: short ears; round face, body, and legs.

Types of baby grooming for shih tzu

High Baby Grooming: Shortens the hair but at the same time makes it longer. The coat is usually 5-6 fingers long.

Medium Baby Grooming: Shortens the hairs but leaves them with medium length. The coat is usually 3-4 fingers long.

Short Baby Grooming: Shortens hair a lot. Usually, the coat is 2-3 fingers long or shorter.
Japanese Grooming for Shih Tzu

Purpose of the Japanese clipper: The Japanese clipper is a very exotic clipper. It doesn’t have a goal, it’s more appearance-oriented grooming. It is often made for the use of clothes, after all, with the body completely shaved, the clothes are more settled, but we don’t lose all that charm of the hair, because we get the paws and head completely covered with fur.

The appearance of Japanese grooming: In Japanese grooming, the entire body is shaved, except for the legs, paws, tail, and head. The. The rest remains furry. The mustache is cut short and the ears remain long.

Standard grooming for shih tzu

Purpose of the standard clipper: The best-known coat, made with great care to participate in beauty contests. The shih tzu’s hair is smooth and well behaved because it undergoes various care and process, such as brushing, cutting, and hydration.

Grooming is done with scissors where the hair is long, as a characteristic of the breed, and at the same time comfortable for the puppy to move around quietly, as the hair does not get in the way. Clean the eye area, securing the bangs up with bows.

Types of grooming for shih tzu puppies

Purpose of the shih tzu puppy grooming: The hair is short and lighter for the puppy’s well-being on the hottest days. This type of grooming, also called Puppy grooming, is very popular for shih tzu puppies. It can be done with scissors or a trimmer.

The length of the hair and the hairstyle in the head area can vary, being long or short.

Hygienic grooming for shih tzu

Purpose of hygienic clipping: Hygienic clipping is basic. In any other grooming, hygiene is done together, it is mandatory for both furry and short-haired dogs. It serves to facilitate our hygiene.

The appearance of the hygienic clipping: In the hygienic clipping, the belly, buttocks, and the underside of the paws (the black part, which is in contact with the floor) are shaved. Some hygienic grooming includes trimming the hair on top of the nose, which comes into contact with the eyes, but this is not mandatory.

How to groom a shih tzu

On the belly, measure 4 fingers above the end of the genital area, 2-3 fingers on each side, and 2 fingers below the end of the area. Often the hair on the inner part (aka the lower part, which connects to the belly) of the thigh is also cut, but this is at the owner’s discretion.

Tip for male shih tzu: when shaving the pee, the hairs that are on the tip of the organ should not be removed, as they protect from possible bacteria, after all, when we lie down on our stomach, this part is the one that stays the most exposed to possible infections.

The hairs in this region also help when peeing: when the urine squirts out, the hairs present there to direct the pee to the floor, without getting the chest hairs wet. With the absence of these hairs, urine comes out without direction, wetting everything that is in front, as there is nothing that directs it to the right place. On the butt, 1-2 fingers are measured out from the anus on all 4 sides.

On the paws, all the fur over the pads is cut. It is important to emphasize that the hair that is between the paws should not be removed, as they are a protection. If removed, the place can become red and we will have difficulty walking on hot asphalt, for example.

When is the right time to groom a shih tzu?

The right time to clip your shih tzu: I would say it all depends on what you want for your shih tzu. If it looks like a shih tzu puppy, as soon as it is about 5 or 6 months old (and has finished the vaccine cycle) you can do the baby grooming for the shih tzu.

If you grow long hair, I would say that from 8 months onwards you can start doing a standard clipping with scissors, so that you can gradually trim and eliminate the puppy coat.

Benefits and harms of grooming for shih tzu

we dirty less
The need for brushing is greatly reduced
The need for coat care decreases
Short hairs are more practical
We don’t suffer during the summer
Change in hair texture: When shorn too short, the hair is usually curlier and more armed.

Also remember that in order to maintain the shine and beauty of your shih tzu’s coat, it is necessary to feed it with a good food suitable for its size and stage of life. After grooming, it is possible to perceive the joy of your shih tzu. See if he really likes it and choose the best type of grooming so he feels good!

Different Types Of Grooming That Match Your Shih Tzu Coat

The good thing about having a Shih-Tzu at home is that you can always vary hairstyles and grooming styles.

And when it comes to Shih-Tzu, there are several ways to shear them, as their abundant fur allows the tutor and the pet shop to be very creative when taking care of them.

And if you’ve been wanting to know the types of Shih-Tzu clippers, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will show you several different styles for you to make your Shih Tzu even cuter, stylish, and also comfortable, as there are also suitable cuts to relieve the heat or protect from the cold.

Types of grooming for Shih Tzu

  1. Standard clipping

As the name already indicates, this is the most used tosa by tutors, as it makes the animal very comfortable and charming.

Many Shih Tzu owners use this type of grooming to take their Shih Tzu to dog grooming competitions.

The standard clipping is done with scissors and is only intended to match the length of the dog’s fur. Some pet stores even brush the Shih-Tzu’s coat to make it more beautiful and shiny.

  1. Long clipping

The long clipper is for owners who want to make the Shih Tzu’s coat look long, so the Shih Tzu’s coat is just trimmed with scissors to keep it in line.

However, the owner needs to be aware that he will need to brush and care for the Shih Tzu’s coat almost daily, as this style favors the formation of knots.

This cut is ideal for winter, as it prevents the animal from getting cold and keeps its skin protected.

  1. Lion style grooming

The lion-style grooming is for those tutors who want to make the Shih-Tzu cute and funny. In this hairstyle, all the hair covering the body, paws, and tail is clipped, making it very short.

Only the long hair is left around the head and also on the tail. Areas with fur should be brushed so that it becomes more voluminous, similar to a lion’s mane.

  1. Grooming for puppies

When the Shih Tzu is still a puppy, the tutor cannot vary much in the grooming, but there is a specific type of cut for the little furry ones because during this phase the Shih Tzu’s fur forms several knots.

In this type of clipping, the hair on the body and legs is cut very short. The hair on the tail, head, ears, and mustache is lightly trimmed, ensuring that these parts are not completely hairless.

  1. Grooming with hairstyle

This type of grooming allows the owner to make the Shih-Tzu’s fur a bun, a ponytail, or even a braid.

To do this grooming, it is important only to trim the hair, as length is required to be able to comb the animal’s fur.

The most popular of them is the bun, as it is fluffy and does not affect the dog’s mobility, making it very comfortable. The bun should not stay on the pet’s head for too long to prevent knots from forming.