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A Man Whose Arms and Shoulders Were Amputated Can Wave Again

Everyone has difficult experiences throughout life that leave imprints for the rest of it. Felix Gretarsson had his arms and shoulders amputated to save his life. 

Doctors said that even if he finds a donor, it is still impossible. But everything changed from a phone call. 

Felix was 25 years old when he lost both arms in a high-voltage accident in 1998. He was married and a father of two daughters. 

He went from being a capable young man to an isolated man in a day. I couldn’t do my personal hygiene, I couldn’t eat or hold my girls anymore. 

His wife helped him through these difficult times and said that nothing is impossible. He was very sick and realized that he wasn’t suffering from the injury but from not accepting the tragedy. 

He entered his treatment and required a liver transplant. After that, he also did surgery on his arms and shoulders. 

Felix can now wave to everyone. He quickly adapted to the arms even though it was very difficult. They had a dream and it became true through hard work. 

He said that his hands are still immobile, but his elbows, shoulders, and his wrists are fully functional. 

Now he can hold his daughters in his arms after 23 years. Now I can hug my daughters and my grandchildren, Felix said. 

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