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A Group Of People Want “For God and the country” Patch To Be Removed From State Offices.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), which is made by some atheists, has said that this should be removed from the sheriff’s office. For this, they have sent a letter to the Sheriff’s Office in Shelby. They write in the letter that they should remove this proverb from their offices and clothes.

You can know what these symbols are like. In the center is the American flag, and next to them is written: “For God and the Country.” They think this isn’t right and should not exist anymore. According to them, this is unconstitutional because the sheriffs should not find faith and strength in God.

Every sheriff’s office has this saying. It is found in their clothes, on their walls, and in their cars. The words “Believe in God” are written on the cars. It is common in recent years, and it is even spreading every day more and more. Many other offices are putting religious symbols in their workplaces. In the US, there are almost 250 offices where religious symbols are used. But this is not just happening at Shelby. Many other cities have begun to follow this way to show that they find strength in God. But apparently, some groups did not like this at all.

The letter that this foundation had sent to the sheriff’s offices was clear. They demanded that the religious symbols be changed immediately on this issue, to respect both their conviction and their ideas. It is arousing a lot of old debates. Early conflicts between church and state should not start again.

After a long and difficult period full of conflicts, we know that the church seceded from the state and, it became independent. Those connections were established and allowed people to choose their religion and to be free to practice it.