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94 YO Veteran Wally Richardson And His Love For Teaching School Kids About Life

Gina Arnold is a mom who was shocked to find out her daughter talked to an old man on the street every day. When her daughter explained, she then tranquilized.

The daughter, Aubrey, told Gina that she wanted to meet the old man in the street before class. Gina, disturbed by this request, asked Aubrey to explain.

The man was Mr.Knuckles. He stood at the steps where Aubrey and the other kids passed to go to school.

Mr.Knuckles encourages the kids to study hard and stay in school.

His real name is Wally Richardson. For the last 10 years, he has been standing outside this school in El Dorado Hills in California.

His purpose is to give the students advice and tips about life and its surprises. He is 94 years old.

He used to be a soldier in World War II. Now he has found this new way to serve his country.

This way he contributes to educating future generations.

He mostly talks about things such as love and kindness. All the students who get to talk to him are very happy.

Gina was very happy to hear about this thing. She took a picture of him and the kids and posted it on Facebook.

She described what he did and added how happy this gesture made her. The school officials also support and appreciate him.

We all agree that there should be more people like Mr.Knuckles in this world.

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