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93 YO Woman Was Dragged Out Of Senior Facility By Cops And Arrested For Not Paying Rent On Due

Juanita Fitgerald, a 93-year-old woman living in a senior facility was forced out and arrested by cops for not paying her rent. She was left shaken when the police officers physically dragged her out of the property and from her wheelchair. 

According to the PD, she didn’t pay the rent for three months, and when she wanted to pay it, was refused. 

The police bodycam showed the woman scream while she was being dragged away. Officials say that she intentionally slid out of her chair to resist the officers when they tried to pick her up. 

She was handcuffed around her wrists and arms and wearing an orange jumpsuit. There were also bruises on her arms. When asked, she denied the allegations that she didn’t pay, because she thought that she was going to die. 

She claimed that she tried to pay the rent but was refused. She told everyone not to tell her family and her son who are in Tennessee because she doesn’t need help, she got all the help she needs (while pointing to the sky).

She was released before her 94th birthday thanks to Nicole Lett, who worked with some of her neighbors. I couldn’t let her stay any longer in jail, said Lett. 

People online have been outraged and shocked by the way she was treated. What do you think about that? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.

Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.