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911 Operator Gets Call From Frantic Boy Hiding With Little Sister In Bathroom, His Actions Stun Everyone

When we imagine dire situations that can happen to us, we would are courageous to take action. But when these situations happen for real, all reason goes out of the window.

This is not the same case for a 7-year-old boy who was courageous enough to save his family from armed men who broke into their house. 

A little boy named Carlos was terrified when he heard his parents were being threatened by assailants. He ran with his little sister to the bathroom and knew exactly what to do. 

He quickly dialed 911 and had a phone conversation with them. 

He said to them that there are some guys who are trying to kill my mom and dad. He also told that the guys had guns. 

The Dispatcher tried to keep them calm and reassure them that the police were on their way. The assailants heard noise from the bathroom and realized someone was there. They broke down the door and saw Carlos with his little sister. 

Carlos told them that he called the police and they were coming at any moment. The assailants did something totally unexpected.

They were afraid and left the property without hurting anyone. What a brave little hero! Kudos to Carlos!

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