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9 YO Boy And 8 YO Sister Killed By Falling Tree On Family Campground Trip

Two young children lose their lives during a family trip to a camp in Indiana. The 8-year-old girl and her older brother lost their lives when a tree fell on them. 

Both children were Robey Elementary School students and participated in the camp organized in Owen. 

The incident happened after 2 o’clock this weekend while the children were having fun. After the event, the family decided to create a foundation that would delight the hearts of many children as a memorial to the two minors who died.

This foundation would support children to pursue their dreams and be happy. According to sources, the children died due to the trauma caused by the fall of the tree. 

The parents declared that the children died on April 23, 2022. They were smart children and very good students. 

The boy was passionate about martial arts and had won several awards in Taekwondo. He loved nature, trees, sports, camping, and animals.

 Ziva, the little girl, was also passionate about sports and gymnastics.  She liked to dance and stand on the balance beam.  She was a very loving and animal-friendly girl. 

She fished with her family.  Teachers show that they were loving and friendly children.  They will always be remembered with more love by all.  

Parents who contributed to the foundation say their prayers will go to the girl and little boy who lose their lives. 

Everyone understands that this is a very difficult period for the parents of the little ones.

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